Expo Keerpunt

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Due to national measures to combat the spreading of covid-19 Expo Keerpunt has been put on hold. As soon as the situation allows the Expo will reopen.

The world is at a turning point. Things must be quickly and radically made more sustainable, more transparent, with equal opportunities, smarter sharing and working together. We must learn to take more initiative, to care for each other, to know where our food and goods come from and to form an opinion about these things. On to a world where real values like health and happiness can compete with the value of money, and where the common good is full goal.

De location of De WAR has seen many developments, leading up to the situation we are in now. From common meadow to steam match factory, from the coming of guest works to the departure of the breeding ground, and housing in the future.

During the world exposition Amersfoort, dozens of pavilions show the history and current practices of people working on solutions for a sustainable world, experimenting with open source technologies and new forms of democratic decision-making.