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Expo Keerpunt (Expo Turning Point) is an initiative by De WAR, the Amersfoort based breeding ground for research an innovation. After 15 years De WAR will move house. Time to look back and ahead! 

Looking back

De WAR is a breeding ground and the current location has seen many breeders who have put different topics on the map. All those initiatives - almost 100 in total - will be present at Expo2020. The history of the factory area will also be highlighted.

Looking ahead

In a breeding ground it is always a coming and going. Now the breeding ground itself is going to a new location. Moving a breeding ground is intricate and somewhat scary. Years of negotiation, planning and development have been spent on a process that is unplanable, always uncertain. Much had to be learned. What exactly is a breeding ground? What does it mean to have a breeding ground in your community? Expo2020 will also contemplate these questions.


As always in a breeding ground, this Expo2020 depends on the efforts of people; praticipants an volunteers who value the existance of the breeding ground. Expo Keerpunt offers the opportunity to visit and participate in the expo, to take part in discussions, enjoy exibits, experience De WAR and the developments that fascinate us. Come and visit!